Great neighborhoods build great communities, and great communities builds a great State.

Together we can move from good to great.

Justin Wayne Nebraska Legislature

Together we can move Nebraska from the Good Life to the Great Life

“I fundamentally believe that great neighborhoods build great communities, and great communities build a great State.  Therefore, if we are to succeed as a State, we must strengthen our core—the neighborhood. No matter where you live, there should be a high quality school in a safe neighborhood within a thriving local economy.” 


In order for us to accomplish greater things in the future, it is necessary for Nebraska to have an environment conducive to economic development and business growth, high quality education, and safe and secure communities. As your Representative, in order to build this infrastructure we must do the following (click to view):

We have an opportunity to create a model for the rest of the country.  It’s time to renew our culture of excellence.  Nebraskans deserve senators who can use common sense and work across party lines to move Nebraska forward. It is time to stop politics as usual and get to work improving the quality of life for our citizens. This is what I have done as a member of the Omaha Public Schools Board, and it is what I will do if you send me to Lincoln to represent District 13 in the Nebraska Legislature.

I share your desire to see our schools, our businesses, and our communities work together toward a brighter future for all of Nebraska!

I am rooted in the belief that America promises us that if we work hard we will have a chance for a better life. The American Dream is a promise that makes it possible for us to transcend the barriers of poverty, race, or gender and achieve our God-given potential. State Government is all too often presents a road block on the path to the Dream. I understand the challenges. Growing up in District 13, I worked two jobs to put myself through law school. I understand the barriers we face as we try to lift ourselves up and I will take this knowledge and experience with me to make sure we all have a shot to reach our full potential. Vote for me and I will tirelessly work for you in Lincoln.”

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