Providing a High Quality Education for All – Close the Achievement Gap

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Pre K – Graduation:

I understand that many people choose to live in our community because of the quality of our schools. We must build on the Nebraska’s long standing tradition of excellence, while continuously improving the delivery of our product: a great public education. Every child should have access to a high quality education not by chance (the chance your child gets a great teacher), not by lottery (the hope your child gets into a magnet school), not by privilege (the ability to send your kid to private school), but by right.  Our public schools system must unite parents, teachers, business leaders, and the community around their neighborhood schools.  I will continue to fight for raising the achievement levels for all of our kids, while paying special attention to closing the achievement gap.


Emphasis on teachers

Great teachers really do make a difference.  Every classroom should have a high quality teacher.  We cannot expect teachers do their job effectively when they are trying to play therapist, nurse, nutritionist, parent, and child advocate to their students while still fulfilling the duties of their own jobs.  From the moment students step into a classroom, evidence shows that the single most important factor in determining their success is their teacher.  The State must provide a better infrastructure to support its students.


Higher Education

I didn’t have the money to go to college when I graduated from High School, but I still understood the importance of education. I work two jobs throughout my undergraduate studies and during my law school years.  I will also work to ensure our community colleges and state universities receive the resources they need to train our workforce for the jobs of the 21st Century. Finding ways to make higher education affordable to more without diminishing the value of those degrees remains a challenge but one that I know we can achieve.


The State needs to invest in funding all levels of education appropriately. Providing a quality education, with diverse options for our diverse people, is the key to unlocking the true potential of Nebraska and its people.